Your Door Envy Makeover Tutorial is finally here!

Hi Ya’ll!! It’s been a minute since my last blog post but the wait was soo worth it! Yea I know I have had other door envy blog posts Ive done….But-that is what brings me back around for another follow up on that subject!

The Door envy paint finish has gotten sooo much traction on Pinterest these days and I am getting call after call, email after email asking for all the “deets” on the exact finish I created like the photo below. Yes, Ive heard your requests and to make this easy for all of us I pulled together a really nice, easy to follow video that takes you through all the products, techniqes and application, I mean I cover every detail for you in this.

You will be able to create this on your very own door or add it to your list of services if you yourself are a painter. It’s a great way to offer extra income (and believe me-the customers love and want this) during the warmer months for your business! You may also use my brand name “Girl UPcycled’s Door Envy” Paint Finish if you have completed the tutorial class. This will help show your customers how you’ve been trained and why your painting method is worth the price you charge and is the absolute way to go when they are thinking of updating the look of thier front entrance and curb appeal.

The door below (incase you missed the original blog post on this) was actually a brand new build and the customer was wanting the look and feel as if the door had aged gracefully throughout the years, I still stare at this same door when ever I happen to drive by it on occasion-I’ts still as beautiful as the day it was finished!

Door Envy makeovers are one of my top favorite finishes to create still to this day (well, at least when I have the time anyway) there’s just something about a home that has a special feature upon the entrance, you know what I’m saying right? The one that just stops you in your tracks! It makes you wonder what kind of a unique person must live behind those doors to put such beautiful detail on their home! It really does make such a huge difference in the curb appeal as they call it, it makes your home stand out rather than just simply blend in like the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, don’t ya think??

You’ve asked for it…So I’ve created it for you!

You’ve asked for it…So I’ve created it for you!

A journey into an Intuitive Art piece

Find out the how’s and the why’s behind the creation of an intuitive art piece and learn this unique twist in the story of the customer that bought it, you won’t belive how this unfolded! Also enjoy watching clips of the artwork throughout the video from start to the final beautiful finish!

i hope this touches you as much as it touched my customer that now owns this piece. It’s amazing how are lives can be intertwined even when we have not yet met!

This is a very special story of the journey and creation of an Intuitive Art Work, I hope it touches you and warms your heart. This is dedicated to my friend Debi Beard, thank you Debi for you leadership and encouragement-check out her channel below-it's soo good!