"A tale of a tossed and tattered table"

Meet Lady Katheryn

"A tale of a tossed and tattered table"

"Lady Katheryn"

I knew this table had so much potential, just look at

all the details and

those beautifully shaped legs!

It would be some work but I had to bring her back!

layer by layer I removed the old veneer and then sanded the table top

I then mixed the perfect shade of turquoise that would bring out those

beautiful legs and scrolling detail perfectly!

Just love how my assistant participated as I worked?? ;)

I found the perfect stencil that kinda resembled the carved scrolling on the table

and applied  it to the top beginning in the middle and working my way

out towards the edges. Keep your stencil very clean while working

to avoid making mistakes.

I totally forgot to get photos of this next step but as you can see I lightly distressed the

legs and the stenciled top just every so slightly with fine sand

paper I then applied stain to the top.

I also decided to do a quick wash of stain over the entire sides and legs of the table also to help

give the details and legs some depth and dimension. You can also get this same effect with

the glazes that are out there too, this is just what I had on hand at the time :)

And here she is all restored looking better than she has ever looked!

This project was done back in 2012 when I started my etsy store and all my other internet sites and this was when I first made the decision to dive in and follow my artistic and creative heart on a full time basis-so this one is particularly near and dear to me. I guess you could say she was the vision for what and where I wanted my branding to go she is simplistic beauty in all her glory.

I hope to keep bringing you interesting projects and adventures. See ya next time, keep those colors and creative juices a flowin!