Look no further Charlie Brown!

It's the Great Pumpkin!

My husband had recently pulled up our water reserve tank that we had in the depths of our spring and said he was getting ready to chop it up and take to the dump. I had just mentioned, about half jokingly, "oh wow... too bad we couldn't do something with it?" And then immediately I could clearly see that it was a pumpkin Jack-o-lantern just waiting to be finished. I mean really... isn't that totally normal thinking??? Well it is if you are an "UPcycler".


o that afternoon away we went, our whole family jumped in and got involved! We started with painting the base coat pumpkin orange (but of course), next I just sketched out a funky classic Jack-O-Lantern face with chalk and we all stepped back and let my husband take over doing the pumpkin carving with a chainsaw. Our daughter said, "Boy, I bet nobody's daddy but mine is carving their pumpkins out quite like this!" I had to laugh!!! But she was right!

We then actually found some bright yellow, the same yellow they use to get your attention when road workers want you to be "cautious" yes... brightest of brights! The inside was painted a couple of coats and wow what a huge impact that made, it kinda had a glowing effect even with out any lights inside it.

We used a big stump that still had some of the root formation as the stem, I think it was the perfect addition for the top!

And this is what he looks like at night from the road. Why did we spend all this energy on something so silly??? Well, we simply like to spread happiness! So if you happen to be driving along a curvy country road in Muskingum County, you might just see a big ole' Jack-o-lantern greeting you with his quirky smile!