Painting from the soul

When was the last time you just grabbed some paint for no other reason than to feel the joy inside yourself as you watch color hit the canvas? What? Please don't tell me you've never tried this! Or please don't tell me not since you were a kid!

Bird in flight

creating impulse paintings can be quite liberating and freeing

Intuitive or "impulse" painting has so many benefits and is really about the actual process more so than the finall look or turn out of the piece, and btw it may never look finished to you visually however if your soul is done...that is when you are done. Sounds like a really bizarre way to paint doesnt it? Yes, and that's exactly why I love this style of painting so much. You see every impulse painting I have created has been a colorful adventure exploring among layers and texture or what ever else comes up during the journey!

An artistic Journey Intuitive Art

Impulse Intuitive painting sometimes allows for its own shapes to evolve

Please take a moment to watch a couple of videos that show this process in detail from start to finish because as the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words!


I have a challenge for you, grab some paint, a brush....or NOT! Yes you heard me correct...just use your fingers if you want! Let yourself expierience this free way of painting! Intuitive painting or what I've been recently calling it "impulse painting" is one of the styles of painting that Ive been teaching in my Creators Art & UPcycle Club, it has been sheer joy to watch these talented ladies conquer their fear and move beyond what they dreamed they could create! 


when you create

Does it make you feel something? It should!