The Perfect Paint Finish for all Styles of Decor


Learn to create a professional touch! 

Learn to create a professional touch! 

After getting overwhelmed with emails and messages from Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook from people wanting to know the secret behind my biggest selling paint finish... I am so stinkin excited to finally be able to now ofer the online furniture and home Decor painting workshop! Woohoo!!!

Here I teach you step-by-step,  my most popular paint finish I offer in house to date. But before I show you how to get the link I just want to go into a little more detail about WHY this is "THE" perfect paint finish for anyone out there no matter if you are a professional painter that is flipping furniture for profit or even the DIYer looking for a fresh new finish to incorporate into your very own home.

This my friends is "the go to paint finish" that I myself use anytime I have a piece that has a good amount of damage to it or that boring piece that needs a little something extra to give it a special custom touch-you will be shocked to see the "before" of one of the tables!

Paint like a pro

Paint like a pro

This paint finish may take just a few extra steps but as you can see it is every bit worth it. Rich layers of color mixed with a specially applied application that gives it its unique depth and rich luster!

I hope you enjoy this special online workshop and have as much success and fun with it as I've had! And be sure to watch the sneak-peek trailer of this fun exciting video below too!


Find the direct worshop link here!


The case of the Misfit Furniture

Transformations of Upcycled furniture using faux paint techniques with Diy Paint from Debis's Design Diary, Why DIY Paint you may ask??

Debis Design Diary DIY Paint is unlike any other brand that I know of because it is clay-based.  Many brands may say they have clay added to their paint BUT a CLAY BASED is rare because it more expensive to produce since it takes so much extra pigment to successfully color a clay based paint, add to that that our pigments are a premium no VOC pigment and you have a very rich and exclusive premium quality paint. The clay base creates great adhesion, a beautiful flat chalky finish, ability to create intense texture or a smooth finish and depth of color that is magnificent. DIY  Paint wet distresses easily yet cures to a super durable finish, it's virtually oder free ( except the earthy clay scent) and it's is one of the purest  most environmentally friendly paints made.



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