The Splatter-N-Chatter classes are all about 2.5 hrs long and you are encouraged to bring in snacks and drinks with you (adult beverages may be brought in if you're over 21). The classes are fairly easy designs and always accompanied with help from start to finish. All supplies are set up and ready when you walk in. You just simply show up, sit back, meet some new people and have lots n lots of fun!

  • Pallet Painting is completely directed from start to finish, you are encouraged to change up the colors and make personal additions as you see fit. The pallets are geared towards home décor and signage
  • Slate Painting is very similar to the pallet classes above only using salvaged slate
  • Canvas Painting Class are available upon request if you prefer.
  • Wineglass Painting Class is a very fun and unstructured class where a demo is given of various common shapes that are turned into fun doodles or designs for glassware, everyone has the option of doing their own design with any assistance available to help them through.
  • Kiddos-n-canvas classes feature "fun art" rather than "fine art" that is perfect for anyone, regardless of your creative experience. Ages 9 and up are preferred unless being supervised with an adult sitting with them.

Spots tend to fill quickly, so check back often, and if there's a class you're interested in, be sure to reserve a spot for you and a friend! If you see a design you like below, but no class scheduled for that design, get in touch with us about scheduling a private party for you and your friends.


"Paint & Texturize like the Pros" 
Online Course

This workshop is for those of you that have a passion for learning new furniture paint finishes but your schedule or distance does not allow you to travel into my studio. It is a completely guided workshop where I share all my tips, tricks and secrets from my most sought after paint finish along with a supplies list that you can download and watch at your leisure.

 Get the link to the full online workshop here


Paint Finishes Workshops

Intro Class using an all natural Clay Based "DIY Chalk Style Paint" from Debi's Design Diary you are guided step by step learning 7-8 different paint finishes that you can take home with you to upcycle your very own pieces at home.

Splatter-N-Chatter Class Design Choices