Meet the Retail Therapy Mentor Team

Where overwhelm stops and learning begins


Beth Tidwell of Farm Fresh Vintage

 Beth is a creative entrepreneur who works with small business owners to help them grow and thrive. Beth knows from experience how hard navigating the waters of business ownership can be. She has spent the last six years learning what works and doesn’t work in maintaining a brick and mortar and online business and wants to share what she’s learned with others to help them achieve their business goals.

Beth started her blog in 2012 which grew and blossomed into a significant social media following and later brick and mortar and online shops. Her work has been featured by Bob Vila and she has partnered with companies such as HomeRight. Beth has a creative spirit and the heart of a teacher and has built her business, Farm Fresh Vintage Finds, from the ground up with hard work and determination. She is excited to see what the future holds and share her knowledge with others.


Kelly Wiler of Girl UPcycled Studio

Kelly is a lifetime artist with almost 25 years expierience in event, seasonal, and retail decorating. She has worked with Corporate companies as a floral designer, Creative Design coordinator and Supervisor. She has also worked with a major Ohio commercial decorating company that allowed her the opportunity to take part in one of the Extreme Makeover Home Editions that took place in Ohio.

Kelly has had expierience in the start up of two local small businesses as well as her online Etsy store before she dove in and started her own brick n mortar business. She has developed strong bonds with decorative design and painting companies including Iron Orchid Design, The Artistic Painting Studio and recently taught Paint classes for Debi Beards DIY Bootcamp.  Her broad background has given her a unique spin on how to draw in traffic to businesses that are located off the beaten path. She has learned not only what motivates people but actually gets them excited about going out of thier way to visit a store! She is over the top excited to teach all of YOU the ins and outs of keeping your small business busy throughout the entire year!

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Is this what you've been waiting for?

Are you overwhelmed with your current business?  Do you feel like you’re watching the competition pass you by?   Do you want to grow your social media but don’t know where to start?  Have you purchased online courses only to feel like you’re just lost and still figuring it all out alone?

Did you know according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, half of all non-mentored small businesses fail within their first five years. And even then, only 30% of them make it to the ten-year mark. But for small business owners with an advisor or mentor, the difference is striking: 70% of those small businesses that work with an advisor survive: double the rate for unmentored small businesses. 

If you need help navigating the waters of your brick and mortar, online shop or even booth spaces then this group is for you!  Learn how to recover from the overwhelm and actually get things done to grow your business and put money in your bank account.  Enjoy guided teaching each week designed to help you grow at a steady rate with checkins and mentoring along the way. 

Make sure you get on the email list so you can be the first in line to get signed up, we will be running a special offer for the first month in February only with the price going up in March.

You are getting the professional advice of two coaches in one group that are going to take you by the hand every step of the way, it's up to you to take what you learn and put it into action and watch your business take off! We will be adding personal one-on-one coaching to you as needed too because every person has different obstacles and may want a deeper style of coaching, so this will be a compassionate safe place to get the help you need at the pace you need.

Sign up for this wonderful new private group by subscribing below, the price is currently only $35 a month for the "early bird" starters, the price WILL BE RAISED the beginning of March so if you're interested get your price locked in NOW. This is an amazing offer for the knowledge of two coaches!

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